Sunday, 6 August 2017

Disneyland Paris

I'm missing the magic of Disneyland Paris ever so much lately. I'm very lucky in that I've visited each winter for the past two years; in 2015 for Christmas, in 2016 for Halloween. I've been many other times, but with both of these visits being in winter over consecutive years I feel as if I should be looking forward to the same treat this year, but it's not happening. I'm going to be in my final year of university so it really wouldn't be wise to take time off (and I have plenty of other treats to look forward to throughout winter, such as London Comic Con, and seeing many of my favourite bands live). I'm also trying to save money so I can have the financial freedom to set myself up after my studies are finished. But none of these facts stop me missing the parks! It's taking all of my restraint not to say 'to hell with it!' and book a trip anyway. I've been looking through my photos from my previous trips to try and immerse myself back in the magic.

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