Thursday, 23 August 2018

Current Favourite Things ♡

I last wrote a favourites post this time last year, but I felt inspired to share a new one. They're not something I create frequently as honestly I'm mostly enjoying the same stuff over and over, but they're definately something I enjoy writing from time to time. Especially as I've been rediscovering my old interests this summer, and have been having a blast.

1. The Wizard of Oz / Wicked ➳ Something that you may not know about me is that I used to be a huge musical theatre nerd. Living in London I used to visit the West End regularly, and even after I moved away I would follow my favourite productions on tour around the UK. It feels like a lifetime ago, and like many of my interests from back then I'm not sure why it ended. I've mentioned before that I've been in the process of rediscovering old interests, back then I hadn't thought of theatre. But then a few weeks ago I had the urge to listen to the Wicked Broadway soundtrack, and oh my! I can't remember the last time I heard it, but I used to like Wicked a lot back in the day and saw it in London a few times back around 2008-'10. It's reignited something in me, and not only am I enjoying musical theatre again in general, but I'm kind of obsessed with the world of Oz! I read L Frank Baum's original novel in the space of 2 days, which may not sound like a lot but I lost my passion for reading a while ago so it really is something to be so glued to a book again! I can't remember when I last looked forward to bed time just so I could carry on reading! It's also helped me get over my art block, as I'm really enjoying drawing all of the characters and scenes and just getting back in touch with my creativity. I'm going to be popping down to London to see Wicked in London next month and I really can't wait, and now I've finished The Wonderful Wizard of Oz I'm going to attempt Gregory Maguire's book that the musical is based on (which I've heard mixed reviews on, so I hope it's not a let down!).

2. Sour Cherry tea ➳ I've always loved a good cup of fruit or herbal tea, it's both wonderfully refreshing during the warmer weather and warming and comforting when it gets colder. After my beloved Pukka Blackcurrant Beauty tea ran out I was a bit miffed that it wasn't in my local store until I found this Sour Cherry tea. Cherry is my favourite flavour in the entire world in absolutely anything, and paired with aniseed and star anise it's just everything I love rolled into one. I can't stop drinking the stuff, but at least it's good for me!

3. J-Fashion ➳ Japanese street fashion is another interest I used to have back when I was into musical theatre, and like musical theatre it fell to the wayside. Most of my wardrobe contents used to be imported from Japanese brands themselves, I was very heavily involved with my local EGL subculture, and it was a big reason of why I visited Tokyo in 2011. I fell out of love with it when EGL began to feel a bit costume-y and I fell in love with 60s and 70s vintage instead, but the past few months has seen me reaching more and more for the few Baby The Stars Shine Bright and Emily Temple Cute pieces I still have in my wardrobe. I don't think I'll be going as 'go big or go home' with it as I used to - I'm finding myself much more drawn to mori girl and otome styles nowadays anyway. But I'm certainly having a lot of fun with it, and am enjoying feeling like I'm dressing for myself again.

4. Film photography ➳ I recently bought a second (or third, or forth, who really knows!) hand Olympus OM10 camera as I've always enjoyed photography but have felt inspired to try more film. All film cameras I've used before have always been of the point and shoot or disposable variety, and I confess I'm lazy with my digital cameras and mostly leave them to run on auto. I do know how to adjust the settings, but honestly I feel there's little point nowadays as it's all become so easy. I've been feeling jaded with digital, and how I feel more focused with taking 10 shots of the same thing to get a perfect photo instead of just enjoying seeing. Although I know how to manually adjust a camera I'm still getting the hang of the Olympus OM-10, and I'm yet to get the film developed so who knows what they'll turn out like! But it's wonderfully refreshing to take one photo and walk away with the faith that whatever it turns out like, it'll be OK.

5. Record fairs ➳ I feel a bit of a cheat putting vinyl on a favourites list as it's one of those things that I'm always obsessed with and constantly adding to my collection. And I'm certainly not new to the concept of record fairs! But I've recently moved home after being away at uni, and was absolutely thrilled to see that the vinyl community has really picked up since I was last here! There's four record fairs on just next month! I'm absolutely in my element, there's nothing like finding something special digging through a crate when you least expect it. It beats eBay any day!

6. Autumn ➳ I've been looking forward to autumn since mid-July, and now the evenings are beginning to draw in, the air is getting fresher, and the acorns are getting fatter on the oak trees each time I walk past, I can truly feel myself beginning to come alive. I love this time of year so much, it just feels so magical. I'm trying my hardest not to wish summer away, but it's hard!


  1. Hi Sydney, I've loved reading this post. Your illustrations are (as always) amazing! How's your work as an artist going, now that you've finished uni? :)

  2. Ooh good luck with your film photography adventures! I love film cameras, but I am terrible at remembering to get my film rolls developed. Today was the first cool day we've had and I can definitely feel the seasons changing. I've always felt like the change from summer to autumn is the most exciting!

  3. I was a huge EGL fan in high school. I wanted to make a cute black dress and go all out with a costume, but I got lazy and never got around to it. It can be so expensive too! I still have a skirt I bought a while ago, I was so excited about the price, but I doubt it would fit anymore. I hope to see some of that fashion inspiration to show in your photos.

    I've never heard of sour cherry tea. I have to keep an eye out for it.


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