Monday, 6 August 2018

Stood in a field where barley grows

I meant to post sooner, but my laptop unfortunately bit the dust! I’m hoping it can be repaired, and kicking myself as it’s my own fault. I dropped my (empty!) heavy mug onto the keyboard, and the impact damaged the hard drive. I’m hoping it’s just a simple fix I can do myself. Thankfully I have a desktop computer to use in the meantime, I nearly sold it before as it wasn't getting much use compared to my laptop but I've never been more grateful to have it!

I took these photos when out for a walk near where I live. It still feels too hot to be alive! I know other countries are laughing at how the UK can’t hack it, but we’re a cold country that rarely gets higher than 22°C for a couple of days of the year. We don’t have air conditioning, and our homes are built to retain as much warmth as possible. I do love summer and am trying to make the most of though, as I know I’ll be longing for it as soon as it’s coat weather again. I can’t deny that I’m looking forward to autumn though as it is my favourite season. I always start wishing for it as soon as August comes round and I can feel the days getting slightly shorter. Even if it’s still too warm, I can least wear Autumnal colours.

One of the first things I wanted to do as soon as I came home was visit the antiques malls. There’s so many here, which I really came to appreciate after living in the South West. I saw this fab 70s watch back at Easter, but it felt a little pricey at £22 so I decided to leave it. I hoped it would still be there and it was! I had to get my mum to show me how to wind it, I’m not used to watches not having batteries. I think it’s really versatile though, and suits my modern outfits as well as my vintage.

I also finally got a decent playable copy of Relics by Pink Floyd. This was the first LP I ever bought of Pink Floyd, I ordered it from Discogs and it was in such bad condition I got a full refund. I then bought another copy at my local record shop, but I’ve always been looking to upgrade it and finally all these years later I have! I’ve actually bought some really exciting Pink Floyd things lately, but I’ll mostly post about that kind of thing over on my Pink Floyd blog.


  1. Hi Sydney, your photos in the field look so pretty. Your watch looks quite modern but then again I have no clue as I don't know much about vintage watches. Do you have to wind it everyday? Xx

  2. These photos are beautiful! I love the feeling of late summer, when Autumn is just around the corner. Sorry to hear about your laptop, I hope it can be saved!


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