Wednesday, 24 October 2018

You can learn a lot of things from the flowers

I took these photos about a month ago, I can never resist sunflowers. Did you notice that my dress is covered in Moomin characters? I love a bit of subtle whimsy. The autumn colours have been amazing this year, although I do wish that they'd hold on for just a tiny bit longer. I've begun taking my camera out with me everyday as it's been so different from day to day.

I wrote before about how nostalgic I've been feeling for the internet of old, which has ended up in me going back to LiveJournal, ha! I've always had my account but only used it occasionally in recent years, and honestly it feels like such a breath of fresh air to be back. I have 10 years of my life on there and have been reminising over old entries and it's made me happy in the most wonderful way. If you're unfamiliar, LiveJournal is essentially another blogging platform but it's always had more the feel of a personal scrapbook than a curated blog with a theme where each post has to serve a purpose. Which I guess is why it's fallen out of favour in recent years, as people don't want that level of authenticity anymore. It feels very liberating to have a space to talk about anything, and I think it's a good balance for me as I can post the more aesthtic, curated stuff over here, and more generally over there. It's perfect!


  1. I love sunflowers! Sadly I hardly got any to grow in my garden this year. These photos are so pretty.

  2. Hi Sydney, I love sunflowers too! I'm growing some in my garen at the moment, I hope they grow as big as the ones in your photos. :)


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