Sunday, 30 December 2018

This end could be my start

I hope you all had a lovely holiday season! Personally I’m always a lot more excited by what comes next - New Year. I know it’s just a day like any other and time is a human construct, but I do love embracing things that signify clear endings and the feeling of a fresh start. And I’m feeling SO positive about 2019! So much so that I’ve been working on my 2019 planner throughout most of December. I love New Year as it provides the perfect opportunity to take stock, reflect, and see where you want to go forward.

I had a mixed 2018, but generally it was very positive and I feel so much stronger going into 2019. I began the year very insecure and unsure of myself, and I’m leaving it with a very strong sense of who I am and what path I want to take. I’ve spent most of my time since leaving uni in a period of self rediscovery, and it’s felt wonderful to re-engage with old interests and feel passionate about things again, and I'm learning to stop being ashamed of liking nice and innocent things. I’ve been moaning about finding my art style for years, and as soon as I stopped trying to find one and re-learned how to just draw for myself again and lose the feeling of everything I create having to be shared, I ended up finding my own style without even trying. And as a result I'm back to drawing regularly again after being stuck in an art block for years which feels wonderful!

In 2018 I also visited Naples and Rome by myself after having not traveled in years, and although it was a difficult trip it was so beneficial to me. I graduated art school with a BA Honours degree in Illustration and got a 1st for my dissertation. I saw Roger Waters twice over my birthday and got to shake his hand at the end of the show. I can distinctly remember stating that it felt like the perfect way to not only celebrate my birthday, but also start a new chapter of my life after a sucky few years and I really didn't expect that to actually come true as it's since that point that things have only gone up and up. I saw Nick Mason in September, which meant I'd seen 2/3 of my favourite band live, and I went to the theatre in the West End 5 times in 4 months - seeing my favourite show Wicked 3 times, and seeing my original favourite show Les Mis for the first time in 7 years.

For 2019 I want to focus on saving money and getting to my ultimate dreams of living in the place I've always wanted to, and also visiting New York. I want to invest in myself instead of things. I also want to learn a new language, draw more, read more, and continue to throw myself into the things that I'm passionate about and stop feeling apologetic about it all and stay enthusiastic and true to myself and my heart. Most of all I want to stay optimistic, which is something I lost for a long time and aren't prepared to lose again.

Title: Catch Me If You Can - Goodbye


  1. Happy New Year to you!! I much prefer New Year to Xmas, the thrill of the new, the unexpected and the possibilities as opposed to rampant consumerism and overindulgence.
    I love your plans for 2019! xxx

    1. Thank you, wishing you a happy new year too! Yes I feel much the same, I love a good refresh whereas Christmas always feels a bit stale in comparison with it's sameness year after year.

  2. Happy new year, Sydney. What a perfect way to some up your year and your hopes for 2019. I hope you reach all of your dreams. :)

    1. Thank you, I hope you have a lovely 2019 too!


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